The Story Behind The Song: Kita Mesti Menang by The Idols

“There are many things that one can do at home during the partial Covid-19 lockdown. Izmir and I were talking about writing a song together. To begin with, he sent me some lyrics. I wrote the melody, shared more ideas, and recorded a demo for the song. A good friend, Ejump, from Labuan gave some suggestions for the lyrics too. It appeared that we share the same sentiments about what’s happening in the world and the importance of calmly staying at home.

When the song was ready to be presented, Fazli had a listen while Izmir suggested the Idols. After some calls, we had the five of them on board. I believe it is the message of the song that brought them together to present ‘Kita Mesti Menang’ to fellow Malaysians during this difficult time. It is a reminder of the reality of the pandemic yet it brings hope. I believe everyone has a personal message to bring to Malaysia, and this is ours.” – Jonathan Tse, singer-songwriter and producer

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