The Story Behind The Song: Aramaiti by Bihzhu

“It all began when I was invited to perform a showcase of Malaysian songs in 2018 for George Town Festival. I was going through the song selections for my set and it suddenly struck me that all the songs were from the Peninsula. It was important for me to include Borneo as they are part of Malaysia.

So I called out to my guitarist, Jude Macson Bensing, who is a Sabah boy, to ask for some song suggestions. From the list that he gave, it could only be Aramaiti. The meaning of the song, the vibe and the rhythm felt so right for my band and I. Eventually, we reached out to one of the composers of Aramaiti and received his blessing to record our cover of it.

It wasn’t easy for me to memorize the Kadazan lyrics but I knew I had to treat the language with the fullest respect. It helped me to own the song when I perform it. Since then, we have performed Aramaiti at gigs all over Malaysia, getting the audience to dance the Sumazau with us. We even performed this song during our tour in India in 2019. I am very honored to share this song with others. My band and I have so much fun every time we perform it.” – Bihzhu, singer-songwriter

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