The Story Behind The Song: A Trip Around The World by Gee Mojina

“I wanted to create a song about my dream of going to places and travelling around the world. At that time, I was very drawn towards Europe. I wanted to visit France, to see all the beautiful buildings. I wanted to see for myself whether the Eiffel Tower is really as beautiful as they say. I wanted to create a very positive, yet simple kind of melody that could cater to both adults as well as children.

But this song wasn’t as simple to write as my previous songs, where the melody would come to mind whilst writing the lyrics. I wish that was the case for every song that I write! For this song, I recorded a rough melody first and just put whatever lyrics came to mind. When a proper tune was established, I then proceeded to record it on my voice recorder and eventually penned down the lyrics to the song that it is today.

At that time, I was in a really good place overall. Spiritually, mentally and physically. Frequent trips to the beach was one of the ways of getting inspiration for my songs. When this particular song was almost done, the sound of a musical box was added to create that magical, wishful touch.” – Gee Mojina, singer-songwriter and radio host

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