The Story Behind The Song: Child by Avery Fos

“The song ‘Child’ paints the beginning of a journey of recognizing the inner child in us. The lyrics are imagery with the opening lines going – living our biggest dreams in a fort of innocence, wondering why we are losing confidence… – painting a vivid picture of the entire story of the song. As such, we wanted an artwork that brings out this imagery essence.

We have been big fans of Fish 大鱼, a Sabahan illustrator, since we got to know about her works. We reached out to her with our fingers pretty much crossed. There was a lot of hope though we tried to keep our expectations at bay. So when she agreed, we knew that the artwork for ‘Child’ was in good hands as she was absolutely in tune with our vision.

This song is about the growing pains of leaving behind the wide-eyed inner child as we step into adulthood. It paints a picture of the ongoing tug of war of growing up and maturing as a person, yet not losing the childlike innocence and purity towards the world. Fish 大鱼 has captured all these essences in the artwork that has become the visual face of this song.” – Avery Fos, electronic ambient pop duo

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