The Story Behind The Song: The Malaysia Blessing

“It’s not every day that a sound engineer gets to mix and master a song sung by 120 singers. The human voice is probably the most complex and intricate element to work on in an audio mix, which made The Malaysia Blessing both a challenge and a thrill to work on.

All the vocals were recorded in the singers’ own homes with different ranges of recording equipment – from phone mics to high-end recording gear – resulting in a variety of materials to work with. Thus, it was essential that I worked closely with the producer, vocal director and vocal engineer to ensure that all the different sounds and vocals could be weaved together to be more than a presentable song.

It was tedious yet important to ensure that a consistent audio balance is achieved throughout the song. But all in all, it was worth the experience even as I played my role to bring blessings to our beloved country.” – John Jeevasingham, music producer and sound engineer

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