The Story Behind The Song: He Xin Nian by Abisheg M. and Anderson Kalang

“How can we bring people together? Food has always been a brilliant way, but we realised that music could also play a special role in helping us rediscover and appreciate each other’s ways of life. Take Abisheg for example. He is a great Sitar player, but he is also the first Indian who plays and teaches the Sape’!

I had gotten to know him when we performed at the Rainforest World Music Festival in 2016 and thought, how about collaborating on a Chinese New Year song this year? I asked Abisheg if he would be interested and as it turns out, he was thinking about the very same thing!

This is our way of celebrating our diversity as a nation. As the song says, we wish you well this New Year. May it be filled with peace and harmony.” – Anderson Kalang, Kelabit musician and photographer

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