The Story Behind The Song: The Garden Of Evening Mists OST by Onn San

“When I started working on the music for ‘The Garden Of Evening Mists’, I started by reading the screenplay and studying the mood boards – anything that helped me understand the characters, who were key to the film. I looked at the film through their eyes and wrote themes (symbolic musical phrases) and motifs for them, as themes and motifs can make someone feel familiar or unfamiliar with the character or setting. If you heard a melody before and that melody comes back again, it gives you a sense of returning home. The underlying thing is that we use music to tell stories. It’s more than just a good tune or a good song, it does more than that. It serves the story. It serves a greater purpose.” – Onn San, film scorer

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Watch the trailer of ‘The Garden of Evening Mists’ based on the award-winning novel by Tan Twan Eng below.

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