The Story Behind The Song: The Sun Will Shine Again

“Many years ago, I saw a vision in my time of prayer. I saw dark storm clouds covering the sky, and any light from the sun had been covered up by the mighty clouds, like a huge blanket over a lamp. The mood was dark and depressing. I remember feeling a sense of hopelessness and uncertainty. I identified the situations in my life that resembled the vision. Every now and then, we go through situations where we feel helpless, confused, and our tomorrows are filled with so much uncertainty it chokes the life out of us. It would seem like all light has gone.

Then in my vision I began to see, after a while, it stopped raining, and the dark clouds beginning to part. And as they parted, the sky became brighter and brighter. Rays of light began to penetrate the clouds. Before long, the majestic sun came out in full glory and illuminated the atmosphere. Light has returned. Hope… is alive!

There is hope. There is always hope if we believe. And just because the clouds have come, doesn’t mean the sun has gone. It’s still there. The sun still shines. We just don’t see it because the clouds have blinded us. But we must know that it’s still there. It’s just a matter of time before we see the storm with its clouds give way. And the sun shines on our lives again.

That was the inspiration for this song. I wrote it to remind myself and the precious people who will listen to it, to never give up in a tough situation because there is always hope, and there is strength if we know where to find it. I found it not just in the sun, but even more so in the One who made it.” – Andy Yeoh, songwriter and frontman of rock band Altered Frequency

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