The Story Behind The Song: The Man Who Fell In Love With Lightning by Joel Ngui

“I was a fresh graduate who had just entered the working world in the United States. Full of opportunity, yet I felt like I was stagnant as if growth had ended at receiving my hard-earned degree. I was frustrated with where I was as a person, longing for more in life, particularly in my faith experience with God. One day, I was talking to my parents over Skype about this and trying to figure out all the solutions to the problem. My dad said something that made me immediately grab a pen and paper to write down. He responded with an imagery of a man standing in the field holding a lightning rod. The man was yelling at the sky, “Strike me with lightning! Strike me now!”

“How odd,” I first thought. It’s quite silly for someone to yell at the sky as if he could command nature to strike him with lightning. The point my dad was making was that I don’t have control over everything in life, but I know the One who does. I found that realization so liberating. I started noticing this in my life and with the people around me. So I decided that I wanted to write a song about it; about this man who fell in love with lightning.” – Joel Ngui, indie-pop/rock artist

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