The Spirit Of Hominudon

A long time ago, in the Land Below the Wind, the Kadazan-Dusun people enjoyed a staple grain called ‘huvong’ with their God whom they knew as Kinoingan. One day, because of a terrible rebellion, a great famine swept over the land. It was so severe that they neither had grain to plant nor consume.

Kinoingan’s heart went out to his people but the only way to save them was to sacrifice his only daughter Huminodun. Beautiful, kind hearted and blessed with wisdom beyond her years, Huminodun knew that her body would give rise to edible plants. She offered herself so that her people would never starve again but told her father to keep away the first day’s harvest in a big jar or kakanan.

It is said that the whole world went dark when Kinoingan sacrificed Huminodun and scattered her flesh on the earth. Seven days later, a beautiful maiden stepped out of the kakanan. She was referred to as Unduk Ngadau – the spirit of Hominudon. That same day, the people saw a bountiful harvest of rice.

Hominudon’s beautiful spirit is remembered to this day in the form of the Unduk Ngadau pageant which is held every year during the Harvest Festival or Tadau Kaamatan.

#MySongsAndStories #LoveMalaysia 📷Photo by: Ivy M. Karangkas