Sabah Specialty: Tuaran Mee

While Sarawak is known for their Kolo Mee and Penang is known for their Char Kuay Teow, Sabah is known for their Tuaran Mee. Though it originated from a small town named Tuaran, this noodle is one of the most popular noodles throughout Sabah. It is usually served fried and topped with Sabah Hakka Spring Roll (known as chun kien), omellete slices, vegetables and char siu meat (either chicken or pork).

A good plate of Tuaran Mee is fragrant and springy in texture with an eggy aftertaste. Tuaran Mee is also available in other serving variations such as soup, dry (with soya sauce), and stir-fried eggy sauce. If you’re a noodle lover, Tuaran Mee is a must-have whenever you’re in Sabah.

#MySongsAndStories #LoveMalaysia 📷Photo by: Gina Yap Lai Yoong