Inspirational Malaysian: Woon Wai Ping

“I always enjoyed music and sports when I was young. But I decided on sports as the way forward because it is something that I’m good at and I looked up to my third elder brother who was a sportsman. He used to play all types of sports with me when I was a kid.

Eventually, at the age of 14, my parents decided that I should focus on bowling as it is an individual sport, which is ideal for me. I grew to love bowling more and more with each training. It is challenging to compete in para games because the categories (vision impaired, wheelchair, hand amputee, dwarfs, etc.) are such that we, as women, have to compete with men as well. That is one of the biggest challenges for me in the games.

But hey, we only live once so I believe that we should go out and do the things we love or try new things. Never look down on ourselves even though others do because when we don’t give up on ourselves, we will find a special talent in us that can make us shine in life.” – Woon Wai Ping, para bowler

Born in Pahang, Woon Wai Ping has represented Malaysia in various para bowling competitions. She is the bronze medalist for bowling (individual event) representing Malaysia in the Asian Para Games 2010 in Guangzhou, China.

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