Inspirational Malaysian: Janessa Wong

“From the beginning, I knew that Songs & Stories was a call that would be life transforming. I was already humbled to learn much about the beauty of my own land but with The Kinabalu Call, I was taking a step into the unknown.

Indeed lots of unexpected things happened. Just to name one, physical challenge! I didn’t expect to have caught pink eyes just two days before the climb. With medication and the challenging route up, MANY MANY times what kept popping into my mind was ‘I am a burden to the team!’ I was very much humbled and pushed on with super duper encouragement from the talents themselves and the rest of our teammates.

I would say that my passion for videography was the main thing that pushed me to complete this task. Yet just being driven by passion is not enough. I’ve learned that people are important and so is my attitude. I’ve since grown much in relating to people and approaching them from a very different perspective.” – Janessa Wong, photo/videographer

#MySongsAndStories #LoveMalaysia 📷Photo by: Graato