Inspirational Malaysian: Fong Kok Nam

“A lazy person won’t have a good future. One has to be hardworking to succeed in life.” – Fong Kok Nam, durian orchard owner

Mr Fong started off as a trucker who spent hours on the road ferrying goods between Pahang and Kelantan. One of the projects he was working on often saw him driving through many fruit orchards. During harvest seasons, he would see the fruits weighing heavily on the trees and wondered how much the owners would earn from selling them.

While his friends spent their off-days chilling out at pubs, Mr Fong would drive to the orchards and befriend the owners. He talked to them to find out which fruit would be most profitable to invest in. He worked hard to learn the techniques of growing and nurturing durian trees. Eventually, he decided to plant Musang King trees back in his hometown, Kampung Sri Penjom.

22 years later, Mr Fong owns an orchard with more than 200 durian trees, each bearing 50 to 150 fruits each year – a pretty good harvest! His wife and second son help him out with the durian business. Most durians are sold to a middleperson who decides which ones get exported to Hong Kong and Singapore while the rest are sold locally in Kuala Lipis.

#MySongsAndStories #LoveMalaysia 📷Photo by: Gina Yap Lai Yoong