Inspirational Malaysian: Arddley Nicholas

We got to know Arddley Nicholas and his brother Nick Nicholas Alliun during 440 Records Fortissimo mentoring initiative (2012-2014) in Kota Kinabalu. You can imagine how absolutely thrilled we were at D5OB’s success in Asian Beat 2015!

We caught up with Arddley Nicholas during a brief visit to his hometown, Tambunan, and got him to share about his experience as a member of Dominant 5th of Borneo – a band of friends and brothers formed around this time last year that won Yamaha Band Mentor 2015 to represent Malaysia at Asian Beat in Tokyo, Japan. Here’s his story.

Photo by Jevf Shen Photography
Video by Janessa Wong
Music edited from Dominant 5th of Borneo’s performance at Asian Beat 2015.
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