Inspirational Malaysian: Andy Darrel Gomes

“I lost my father to cancer a week before my university admission. Despite how I was feeling for my loss, I was ushered into a new phase of life almost immediately. Sitting down in class during my first week of lectures, I made a decision: I decided to look ahead, acknowledged that I have a choice to move on and move on I will. In my heart, I longed to be in the arts scene by the time I graduate.

The next few years were filled with small things that required faithfulness to pursue. Most of the time I was driven purely by passion as I took on voluntary projects. However mundane it seemed, these things gave me room to experiment with my craft, make lots of mistakes and learn my ways around the arts scene. As a result, by the time I graduated, I was not starting from square one but was on an ongoing journey.

Today, I lecture in an institute of higher education while telling stories through writing, theatre and film. Looking back, it was definitely God’s grace that sustained me throughout the journey. I am amazed at how He orchestrates the greater things to always start with the little things.” – Andy Darrel Gomes, filmmaker

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