Inspirational Malaysian: Agnes Ong

“As a child growing up with a nerve condition, I felt shy and trapped because I didn’t speak well. Writing became the only avenue for me to express my true feelings and transform into the person I wasn’t and couldn’t be in real life. It was the saving grace for my teenage years.

However, having been brought up in a family with traditional values, being a writer was never on the horizon. Hence, I joined the rat race and morphed into a worker ant in the research industry. The plot of my life’s story took a twist when I chanced upon the opportunity for a career change into the advertising industry as a junior copywriter. It was then that I rediscovered my passion for writing and made conscious choices to gain more experience in the field.

Since then, I’ve not turned back. To date, I have several short stories published, won a couple of writing awards and just launched my first children’s novella with the guidance and support of Gina Yap Lai Yoong. Granted that my new journey as a writer is not all moonlight and roses, and I’m still a long way to becoming an accomplished writer, it is one in which I find a sense of achievement and fulfillment. I want to tell stories to inspire, delight and enlighten future generations. Find your passion, and when you do, don’t hold back.” – Agnes Ong, author

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